How NJ Transit plans to keep trains running during a blackout

February 13, 2016

By Larry Higgs | The Star-Ledger

The first steps to building a back-up power system to keep sections of NJ Transit’s busiest rail lines running, after a blackout or storm knocks out electricity, were taken by NJ Transit’s board Wednesday. Website Insert Development Finance and Management copy

Board members approved a $17 million contract with Jacobs Engineering Group of Morristown to design and do preliminary engineering for what could be the nation’s first mass transit micro power grid.

The system, known as NJ Transitgrid, would provide limited rail service even during a blackout of commercial power.

“If there is a blackout, it will allow us to operate some 40 to 50 percent of our train service,” said Steve Santoro, assistant executive director capital planning and programming. “It allows us to operate certain levels of service. It won’t replace the entire level of service.”

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