How This Startup Is Disrupting Long-Distance Transportation Right Now

April 20, 2016


By Tess Townsend, Staff Reporter,
Move over, Hyperloop. The sleeper cabin is making a comeback.

A former Thiel fellow — one of the college kids who took $100,000 from venture capitalist Peter Thiel to drop out of school and pursue a life of entrepreneurship — is launching a company to compete with California’s chimerical high-speed rail and Elon Musk’s proposed 30-minute Hyperloop trainWebsite Insert Real Numbers copy

It’s not much more than a hotel on wheels, but what the idea lacks in futuristic gee-whiz appeal, it makes up for with another advantage: As of last night it’s already running.

“It would basically be like you teleported to LA. It would be cool,” Tom Currier said recently of his overnight bus service, SleepBus. The first bus contracted into the fleet made its inaugural “teleportation” trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles last night. Eleven passengers paid $48 a piece to rent out bunks in the 20-bed Volvo sleeper coach. The bus left from the Caltrain station in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood at 11 p.m. and arrived at Santa Monica Pier a 6 a.m. Passengers slept until the 7:30 a.m. checkout.

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