Light at end of Amtrak’s tunnel: MoDOT signals ‘dramatic’ decrease in cost for rail safety system

February 8, 2016

By JACK “MILES” VENTIMIGLIA, Editor, The Daily Star-Journal

Jefferson City – Railroad and Missouri Department of Transportation officials reached an agreement that should keep Amtrak running through Warrensburg, between Kansas City and St. Louis.Website Insert Gathering of Professionals 1 copy

“We’ve reached a working agreement that’s fair to all parties,” MoDOT Railroads Administrator Eric Curtit said.

Some University of Central Missouri students use Amtrak to reach Warrensburg.

To keep Amtrak operating in the Kansas City area alone carries a $32 million price tag, with the money being used to install Positive Train Control. PTC is a safety system required federally.

The MoDOT’s estimated share of the cost last year to provide PTC came to about $18 million. Amtrak officials expressed doubt that they could pay their share of the money and talked about shutting down in Missouri.

But the amount has changed, Sen. David Pearce, an Amtrak advocate, said while waiting in his office to begin a Senate transportation meeting Thursday.

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