London recycling energy from train brakes

September 28, 2015

London has just finished testing a new system that can collect and recycle energy generated by their Tube trains when they brake, and it’s already powering their stations completely for more than two days per week.Website Insert Passenger Trains Very Well copy

The world-first, five-week trial was conducted on the Victoria line of the London Underground (LU), which reportedly transports 1.2 billion passengers across a total of 76.2 million km every year, with some stations catering to 89 million people. The city reports that it’s already shaving 5 percent off the annual energy bill, which might not sound like much, but that equates to about £6 million (US$9 million) every year that can be spent on improving the line.

 “The trial puts London at the cutting edge of this kind of technology and clearly demonstrates how energy from trains can be recovered to power Tube stations, making the network more environmentally friendly and cost-effective,” Matthew Pencharz, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, said in a press statement. “This complements our wider work to make other forms of public transport cleaner and greener, including our buses, where we have introduced hybrid and zero-emission technology.”

Read the full story from BEC Crew at Science Alert by clicking here.


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