Lone bid on high-speed train service raises eyebrows

May 5, 2014

Tim Skubick writes in mLive:

Who better to blow the whistle on an MDOT train contract than railroad devotee and former state senator Joe Schwarz.

Off the political radar for months, the former GOP politician is back in the game and playing with trains, which he loves to do.

But he’s not in love with the way the state transportation department is handling the bid on high-speed train service between Detroit and Chicago.

The state is poised to offer 110 mph service but it needs some rolling stock to get things going and Mr. Schwarz is critical of the RFP (Request for Proposal) the agency drafted. He contends only one company could meet the requirements and therefore only one bid was received. Or as one P.R. guy alleges, the contract was written for one firm.

Time out, Mr. S. demands.

Read the rest of the story at mLive, 5 May 2014.

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