Lone Star Rail would be a benefit for Texas State University Bobcats

April 27, 2016

By Bridgett Reneau, The University Star

Travel in the Lone Star State can be tough, and traveling on Interstate 35 is easily one of the most aggravating aspects of living in Central Texas.Website Insert Choose Only One copy

Last year, the Texas Department of Transportation named a stretch of I-35 between Austin and San Antonio as the number one most congested roadway in the state—a clear and evident problem for Bobcats and locals who wish to seamlessly travel between the two cities. Drivers often find themselves crawling slowly along the way rather than reaching their destinations conveniently.

Luckily, a viable solution to these transportation troubles is on the horizon. Lone Star Rail District has proposed a passenger railway service to connect the areas between Austin and San Antonio, allowing commuters to hop on an LSTAR train and bypass the nightmare of I-35 altogether.

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