Losing rail car bidder says CTA rigged contract process

April 14, 2016

By Mary Wisniewski, Chicago Tribune

The losing bidder for a $1.3 billion CTA rail car contract has filed a protest with the agency, saying that the bidding process was rigged in favor of a Chinese firm that promised to bring manufacturing jobs to Chicago, at the direction of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.Website Insert Buy American Mandate copy

Bombardier Transit Corp. filed the protest with the CTA on Monday, alleging that the agency violated federal and state laws and its own regulations in awarding the contract to CSR Sifang America, whose partners include the Chinese state-owned rail car manufacturing company CRRC Quingdao Sifang.

Asked if the Montreal-based company planned to sue the CTA in federal court, spokeswoman Maryanne Roberts said Wednesday that the company was taking things “one step at a time,” and the first step was to file the protest.

“We will review all our options,” Roberts said. The law firm Jones Day filed the 51-page protest on behalf of Bombardier.

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