MBTA sues Amtrak in bid to save tens of millions a year

February 2, 2016

By Greg Ryan,

The already cash-strapped Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority may be out tens of millions of dollars a year if it doesn’t prevail in a lawsuit it filed against Amtrak last week.Website Insert 5000 New Seats copy

The MBTA launched the suit in federal court in Boston in response to Amtrak’s demand for nearly $30 million this year alone to help service and maintain the Attleboro Line. Such a demand is unconstitutional, since Amtrak agreed to provide the same services at no cost in a still-standing contract between the two agencies, the MBTA said.

Under the historical agreement between the MBTA and Amtrak, the MBTA allowed Amtrak to use the Attleboro Line, which is owned by the T, for trains heading south from Boston, according to the MBTA’s complaint. In return, Amtrak performed certain maintenance and other services for free, the complaint said.

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