Miami moves towards downtown Tri-Rail regional commuter rail

June 23, 2015

Miami Herald: Tri-Rail project on track but funds needed to begin downtown service


Tri-Rail has made progress trying to obtain funds to operate passenger trains out of downtown Miami but has not yet secured the money it needs to deliver the service, the Tri-Rail executive director said Tuesday.

As a result, the much-anticipated project is still up in the air and could require more time — beyond the July “drop-dead” deadline to decide on the viability of the service, according Jack Stephens, the Tri-Rail executive director.

“All of the agreements are still in what I would consider negotiation,” Stephens said during an appearance before the editorial boards of el Nuevo Herald and the Miami Herald. “None of them have been finalized in ink yet. They are all in the process. I have not seen anything that would tell me that it’s dead.”

Remarks by Stephens suggest that Tri-Rail officials still feel confident they can secure the money the system needs to start operating passenger trains from downtown Miami in late 2016 or early 2017, but that they still cannot claim victory.


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