More Question MDOT’s Interest In Wisconsin Trains

June 6, 2014

From MIRS, 6 June 2014

A former congressman and now members of the state Senate are asking questions about a Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) train bid that one company says was specifically tailored to a competitor.

MDOT earlier this year put out a Request For Proposal (RFP) for two trainsets (a series of individual vehicles operating together as a defined unit) that would run on its Wolverine route between Chicago and Detroit/Pontiac, partially replacing Amtrak trains… They only got one response.

A representative from Corridor Capital, a Chicago-based company that does passenger rail development and finance and had attended a pre-bid meeting, said his company didn’t bid because it was clear the RFP was tailored toward the Spanish train company, Talgo.

“It was a very oddly written RFP. The RFP stated that there was a need for three trains to replace the three trains on the Wolverine line. But the RFP had a caveat in it that a vendor could bid two trains. Well, Talgo has two trains, so that’s the tip-off that it was written for Talgo,” said James COSTON, chairman of Corridor Capital…

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, Talgo had made two trains that the state rejected after nixing a Madison-to-Milwaukee train line…

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