Nashville and Shanghai: Newly proposed, versus longest in the world

August 13, 2017

How light rail on Nashville corridors could work — and where the challenges are

By Joey Garrison, USA Today Network – Tennessee, Tennessean; August 11, 2017

As Mayor Megan Barry’s administration pursues the first spoke of a light rail system in Nashville, a new report shows how the entire five-corridor network could work, what it might look like, and where Metro faces construction and right-of-way challenges.

These details are laid out in the new “high-capacity transit briefing book” released by the Metro Transit Authority on Friday that found “no fatal flaws” in developing high-capacity along the five corridors.

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Shanghai Metro: keeping world’s longest mass-transit rail system on track

By Zigor Aldama, South China Morning Post Magazine; August 12, 2017

Some respite from the intense summer heat can be found 18 metres below the scorching streets of Shanghai, but humidity remains energy sapping in the dark tunnels that are growing beneath Pudong. And yet, Yang Jun’s men keep drilling, and the huge tunnel-boring machine they operate advances 9.6 metres per day.

“We use concrete blocks to cover the walls of the tunnels as the ‘mole’ moves forward,” shouts Yang, trying to make himself heard above the din. “Each circle is made up of seven 1.2-metre-wide pieces and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. It’s a hard task.”

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