New book: Legend of CPR

November 23, 2015

Today one might call it a “fully integrated travel provider”. As such, it was also the biggest in the world.  It is a fantastic tale of a uniquely Canadian company, Canadian Pacific, and a new large coffee table type book  details this amazing story in text and fantastic photos and advertising posters, most of them seldom seen, and some very rare.Website Insert Our Name Tells Our Story copy

Author Barry Lane is an award winning author for his previous book, This Day in New France. He is an historian in New Brunswick. The layout designers responsible for the wonderful layout, matching text and images, were Editions Sylvain Harvey, and Andre Durocher, and publishers in English are Goose Lane Editions.

Canadian Pacific started out as a transcontinental railway, whose history is intimately connected with the history of Canada as a country. Indeed, it’s completion was a prerequisite for British Columbia to join the Canadian federation.

It was completed in 1885, after financial scandals, nearly bankrupting and toppling the government on more than one occasion, and absolutely enormous physical challenges and difficulties, to eventually join the east and west coasts across several thousand kilometres.

Unlike the railways in the U.S., the Canadian Pacific Railway, (CPR and later just CP),  had a monopoly on transcontinental rail traffic in Canada, amassed great wealth and quickly branched out.

In addition to unique architecture for its lesser stations, and vast, hugely impressive main stations, it also built and operated luxury hotels in Canada’s main cities, and tourist destinations, again often with grandiose and unique architecture outside, and lavishly appointed interiors.

Read the full story, see lots of photographs, and hear the interview from reporter Marc Montgomery at Radio Canada International by clicking here.

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