New posters remind Marin bus and ferry riders about etiquette

October 17, 2015

Riders of Golden Gate buses and ferries are being asked to mind their manners as part of a new campaign that uses humor to address on-board annoyances.

A new poster series illustrates riders behaving badly with the tagline, “Local Pride — Respect Your Ride.”Website Insert Perfect Answer copy

With 21,500 people riding buses each day in Marin and another 7,800 on ferries, there are bound to be some riders who need reminding of traveler etiquette, and to generally be mindful of fellow passengers.

The customer code of conduct campaign encourages passengers to look beyond themselves and make the ride more pleasant for everyone, Golden Gate officials said.

One poster depicts a man munching on what appears to be chicken with the wording, “the transit system is not a restaurant.” Another, showing a woman in curlers, plucking her eyebrows, reads, “your beauty secrets don’t belong on the bus.” Yet another shows a saucer-eyed man with a cellphone, mouth agape, with the words, “private calls don’t belong on public transit.”

“The campaign was created to remind our customers that they are sharing their ride with others, and to encourage behaviors which make the trip a positive one,” said Teri Mantony, Golden Gate Transit deputy general manager. “While most customers use good judgment on transit, the campaign creates a sense of shared respect and responsibility for better behavior by all.”

The posters are designed to be a humorous take on common but annoying behaviors customers might experience while riding transit and encourages riders to behave better while sharing space.

Mark Prado of the Marin Independent Journal has the full story by clicking here.


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