A new home for Ann Arbor’s Amtrak Station

September 14, 2014

Designated as the busiest Amtrak station in Michigan, Ann Arbor’s long outdated depot is up for reconsideration – in terms of infrastructure, location and economic impact. Whether we’re talking commuter needs or community development, it’s a complicated equation with no easy answer…

According to Deputy Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center in Chicago, Kevin Brubaker, “…All of the activity of these people getting on and off trains, done right, creates a node of economic activity,” says Brubaker, citing restaurants, dry cleaners, florists and other retail as businesses that can serve train travelers. “You want to make sure the train station is in a place where you can capture that benefit.”

…The search for the best new location for the Amtrak station began earlier this year. Through the help of a consultant, citizen working group and leadership advisory group, eight potential sites have been whittled down to three…

“Based on past history, rail is a smart longterm investment that pays off,” [city planning chairman Kevin] Westphal says. “Our city’s ability to deliver services is based largely on property tax revenue, and there is demonstrable increase in the amount of activity around good rail service, and this translates to better services and infrastructure for all of us…”

Read the rest of the story on Concentrate Media, 10 September 2014

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