New York City: New West End Concourse opens for Penn Station to the delight of often-frustrated commuters

June 16, 2017

By Adam Shrier and Dan Rivoli, New York Daily News; June 15, 2017

The service can still be a misery, but at least Penn Station commuters have a better stationscape.

The new West End Concourse for Penn, beneath the landmarked Farley Post Office on Eighth Ave., opened Thursday, surprising commuters who were used to entering the city in a dingy, confusing and cramped place.

“I didn’t believe that it would look this nice,” said John Honig, 42, who commutes an hour and a half from Ronkonkoma. “It’s clean and well-designed.”

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Cuomo: MTA shouldn’t pay rent to Amtrak over crappy Penn Station

By Danielle Furfaro, New York Post; June 15, 2017

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants the MTA to go on rent strike.

Cuomo said on Thursday that he wants the MTA to stop paying Amtrak the approximately $50 million is annual rent it gives to the company to use the tracks at Penn Station since the tracks are in such bad condition and many of them won’t be usable during repairs this summer.

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