North Louisiana Passenger Rail Service Study Complete

September 30, 2015


The North Louisiana Passenger Rail Feasibility study is complete after a little over a year of work.  What have we learned and what’s next?

For decades people in North Louisiana have been talking about passenger rail service.

“The need is there, the problem is money.  Always the problem is money,” said Lo Walker, Bossier City Mayor.Website Insert Cars and Financing copy

“The amount the state would need to invest would come back 3 or 4 fold as far as benefits to the service it provides.  Not only to the local residents here but also for economic development reasons along the rail corridor,” said Chris Preto of NLCOG.

That talk continues right into 2015 about getting a passenger train through North Louisiana.

Why is it important?


“It’s critically important because our interstates are so congested right now.  For example Texas DOTD has estimated by 2020 or 2021 the amount of vehicles from the Dallas/Fort Worth area to the Bossier/Shreveport area is going to increase by about 70 percent.  So our roads are filling up.”

“That I-20 corridor because of the amount of traffic they are projecting, that we are going to have to reinforce that corridor.  From the information that I’ve been given, it would be much cheaper to reduce the impact on I-20 by introducing rail, especially between Shreveport/Bossier and Dallas Fort Worth,” said Roy Burrell, Louisiana State Representative.

Right now Amtrak stops in Marshall, Texas.  So there’s an East Texas study going on to look at the possibilities of rail service all the way from Dallas/Fort worth to Shreveport/Bossier and there’s another study examining Shreveport to Vicksburg, Mississippi with stops in Ruston and Monroe.  After several public forums, lots of study and lots of discussion here’s some of the things that came out of the North Louisiana Passenger Rail Feasibility Study from Shreveport to Vicksburg.

Read the full story from reporter T.W. Starr at KTBS by clicking here.


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