Okla. DOT Seeks to Sell Rail Lines

June 15, 2016

Oklahoma DOT Seeks to Sell off State Owned Freight Rail Lines

By Justin Marks,  Nossaman LLP, in Lexology

Commonly when we think about state government owned railways, the image of commuter or light rail operations come to mind.  But many states own freight railroads as well.  In a few instances a state may have started its own line, while in other situations a state may have stepped in to preserve a rail line from abandonment.Website Insert Real Numbers copy

Oklahoma is one of these states that have purchased rail corridors facing abandonment.  One such example is the Cowboy Sub, a 22-mile rail line originally purchased from the BNSF Railway Company in 1998 to save the rail line from abandonment.  Now, the Oklahoma DOT seeks to sell the Cowboy Sub and another state-owned rail line known as the Blackwell Sub.

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