Oklahoma: ONR Extra Reports: More Passenger Trains Here?

December 13, 2013

From ONR Extra, a presentation of Oklahoma News Report on OETA, Oklahoma’s PBS network, comes this coverage of an Oklahoma House Transportation interim study. The study is examining the state-owned rail network with an eye to restoring passenger train service between Oklahoma’s two largest metropolitan areas: Oklahoma City (population 600,000) and Tulsa (population 394,000). [1]


For short-distance passenger train corridors, there are two main attributes which contribute to success, by which I mean revenue increases, and ridership increases: frequency and reliability.  The trains don’t have to go 150 miles an hour, they can go 90 miles an hour; and as long as there’s enough of them to take people back and forth, it’s a great magnet for keeping people in your state, and for attracting people to your state – particularly for cities that are looking to stabilize and grow their economic bases.
— James Coston, Corridor Capital LLC

Full video clip, with messages from David Simpson of Iowa Pacific Holdings and Jim Coston of Corridor Capital Limited, on Youtube.

[1] 2012 state estimates, rounded to nearest thousand

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