Old FEC Seven Mile Bridge closing

June 20, 2016

Old Seven Mile Bridge closing July 5 for rehab project

By Larry Kahn, Miami Herald

Enjoy walking or biking the old Seven Mile Bridge? You have three weeks to continue to do so.Website Insert Development Finance and Management copy

The 2.2-mile section of the span that heads from Marathon to historic Pigeon Key, a former railroad-worker camp, is slated to close July 5 so the state Department of Transportation can begin a 30-year rehabilitation project. The bridge was decommissioned in 1982 when the adjacent new Seven Mile Bridge opened. The closure is for 300 days.

The old bridge is riddled with problems, from the decking falling apart to the railings rusting and breaking. DOT closed it to auto traffic in 2008. A few years later, citing dangers caused by excess weight, it closed it to fishing, too. Since then, only pedestrians, bicyclists and skaters have been allowed to use it.

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