OmniTrax Canada looking to sell Hudson Bay Railway and Port of Churchill

December 7, 2015

Note: OmniTrax Canada hosts VIA Rail Canada’s service between Winnipeg and Churchill.

Kacper Antoszewski / Thompson Citizen

After the emergence of rumours over the last month, OmniTrax Canada has confirmed that it intends to sell the Hudson Bay Railway as well as the Port of Churchill, citing a lack of return on investment. The Hudson Bay Railway begins in The Pas and services several remote communities along its route north up to Churchill. The Port of Churchill is Canada’s only deep-sea Arctic port.Website Insert Cars and Financing copy

Hudson Bay Route Association president Sinclair Harrison expressed concern with the sale, and the lack of publicity surrounding the event. “It’s a huge concern for all communities along the line. It’s a concern for the province of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and as you’re aware, Churchill is Canada’s only deep-sea Arctic port, so it becomes a national interest.”

For now, Harrison can only hope for a smooth process: “If it’s going to be sold, we hope it happens quickly. When something’s for sale and nothing’s happening, it’s difficult for people to make plans. There soon should be discussions between grain shippers for the coming season, and if it’s not sold in spring, shippers, I think, are going to be reluctant to make a commitment.”

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