Ontario Northland President: ONTC seeking ‘competitive’ changes

November 20, 2015

As president of Ontario Northland and a resident of this community, I understand the importance this organization has in our lives. I want to assure you that all of the steps ONTC management has taken over the past two years through the bargaining process have been done in an effort to reach agreements that will improve our business, attract work and sustain good-paying jobs in our community.Website Insert Cars and Financing copy

We want to position ourselves to grow our remanufacturing and repair division in order to create jobs in North Bay. We cannot do this without the co-operation from all our labour partners.

Our remanufacturing and repair division has earned a reputation for high-quality work. Our employees built this reputation because they are proud railroaders with unique skills and experience.

In 2014, Ontario Northland had to turn down an opportunity to refurbish 14 passenger cars because the customer required that a small portion of work be conducted by a subcontractor with experience on the customer’s equipment.

We worked with the union leadership and the customer to attempt to find a solution to allow us to move forward with this opportunity, but we were not successful.

By not having the flexibility to have a subcontractor on site to work alongside our workforce and fulfil the requirements of the tender, Ontario Northland missed out on an estimated $12.7-million opportunity. This opportunity likely would have prevented all 10 layoffs in the last year, increased the workforce by approximately 70 people and improved our local economy.

Read the full statement from ONTC President and CEO Corina Moore by clicking here.

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