Passenger trains can reduce travel stress

October 10, 2015

Highways and cars are all good things to a point. But with added construction and reconstruction of highway infrastructures, the attitude of drivers is not always a positive one. Congestion, missed or late appointments, accidents, construction zones and not being adequately prepared for what was planned at the driver’s destination can diminish and weaken both his or her attitude and cause a serious malfunction in their emotional profile.Website Insert Our Name Tells Our Story copy

People may love their cars, but do they actually like driving them? Any mishap on the highway can toss out all disciplines in anger management and prepare the person for the worst possible outcome at the end of the journey. Nothing just seems to go right after that.

By and large, commuters on the South Shore railroad are happier and more productive. They are more relaxed and perhaps, have taken the time of travel to better prepare for an assignment or work product. The same is true of intercity travel.

Modern, efficient and comfortable 21st century passenger trains can add measurably to a person’s positive attitudes and make him or her a happier and more productive person. They will also add to the state and local economies.

Read the full commentary from W. Dennis Hodges in by clicking here.


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