Plan would fund direct rail commute from Bergen County to New York City

August 13, 2015

NEW YORK — Bergen County rail commuters would be able to travel to New York without transferring under a plan for a new cross-Hudson rail tunnel proposed by Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-NY).

Schumer spoke Wednesday at the train station in Middletown, N.Y., according to a press release.

He called for the establishment of the Gateway Development Corporation. It would include the states of New York and New Jersey, Amtrak, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, NJ Transit and the Port Authority.

The corporation would be dedicated to advancing the Gateway Project, which would build a badly needed rail tunnel under the Hudson River. The Amtrak Gateway proposal also includes the Secaucus Loop, which would link the Main/Bergen NJ Transit lines directly to New York Penn Station and eliminate the need for transfers at Secaucus or Hoboken.

The two tunnel tubes called for in the Gateway project could cost an estimated $10 to $14 billion, while the Secaucus Loop is estimated to cost $800 million. Because Amtrak can’t access federal mass transit funding and the Port Authority and regional transit agencies can’t access federal railroad money, Schumer said it made sense to create a development corporation could combine several pieces of financing.

“That is why we should create a new Gateway Development Corporation in which all the players—from New York and New Jersey and from Amtrak and the federal government—can get together, plan and design this must-build project and pull down every available source of public and private funding to make it possible,” Schumer said.

Reporter Miles Ma has the full story on; read it by clicking here.

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