Plans being floated to make better use of Schriever, Louisiana rail station

April 6, 2016

By Sean Ellis, Staff Writer, Daily Comet

With no ticket office, restrooms or even a place to get out of the sun, the train station in Schriever is sometimes a forgotten relic of a time when rail was a popular way of travel.Website Insert State Supported Passenger Trains copy

The Amtrak Sunset Limited Passenger Rail Line makes three trips from Houston to New Orleans with stops in New Iberia, Schriever, Lafayette and Lake Charles. However, the train only stops in Schriever if a customer reserves a ticket beforehand – a ticket which can’t be bought at the station as there is no office to do so.

Councilman Darrin Guidry is looking to build on the long-discussed idea to make use of the station to create a facility in Schriever for industry to make use of the rail when shipping freight and at the same time providing using it as a hub for people to board the Amtrak train.

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