Port Authority Board Meeting Marks Start of Gateway Tunnel Construction Watch for New York and New Jersey

December 11, 2015

By David Cruz
Correspondent, NJTV

History may remember the Port Authority board’s final meeting of 2015 as the day the Gateway Tunnel project officially went from pipe dream to economic imperative. In a little over a month, the $20 billion Tunnel project has gotten a promise of 50 percent funding from the federal government and a guarantee of regular funding sources in the federal Highway and Transportation bill. In his official report to the commissioners today, Executive Director Pat Foye said the stakeholders are already starting to hammer out details.Website Insert State Supported Passenger Trains copy

“Beginning right after the announcement the Port Authority has been convening and meeting in person and by phone regularly with our colleagues at AMTRAK and NJ Transit to coordinate our efforts with another meeting scheduled for Monday,” announced Executive Director Pat Foye. “Cooperation and coordination between our agencies will be key to success in a project of this magnitude, so we’ve been very focused on working together.”

Working together will be critical for a project the likes of which the region hasn’t seen since the Lincoln tunnel project. A new entity – a special purpose development corporation – will be created to manage the project.

“Governance of this entity will include board representation by New York and New Jersey, through the Port Authority, USDOT and AMTRAK, with a Port Authority member serving as chair and the AMTRAK member as vice chair,” explained Foye. “All board level decisions will require unanimity.”

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