Princeton, Illinois resident pushes for full-time ticket agent at train station

November 14, 2015

PRINCETON — Would the city of Princeton benefit from a ticket salesman at the Amtrak depot? Thomas Sergeant sure thinks so.Website Insert Cars and Financing copy

 Sergeant, a resident of Princeton, said he frequents Amtrak regularly, and with eight trains coming through town seven days a week, there should be a full-time employee manning the booth at the station, allowing the convenience of one-on-one interaction with a real person.

“It’s an aggravation to us. If Amtrak wants more business, they should have someone at the counter,” Sergeant said, relying on an old-school spirit in his interactions. “Accessing my tickets on a computer or phone is a hassle, and when I have to call them, that’s disrespecting my time.”

Read the full story from Eric Engel at BCRNews by clicking here.

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