Proposed Raleigh, North Carolina-Richmond, Virginia rail connection clears one hurdle, many more remain

September 20, 2015

North Carolina and Virginia moved one step closer to landing federal funding for the proposed $4 billion high-speed rail connection between Raleigh and Richmond. But N.C. Rail Division Director Paul Worley cautions that the project has many hurdles to clear before any funding becomes available.

The Federal Railroad Administration, North Carolina and Virginia have signed off on an environmental impact study – one of three critical planning documents needed before the project becomes eligible for funding. The final document is a Record of Decision, which is expected to be completed later this year.Website Insert Cars and Financing copy

From there, North Carolina and Virginia would host a series of public hearings to get feedback on the proposal before submitting a final version to the FRA. The document sent to the FRA will include a preliminary design for the route the Richmond-Raleigh line would take, which areas would be served by stops and what rights of way are needed for the line to be built. The environmental impact study was paid for out of a grant from the FRA.

“There is still a lot of work left to do,” Worley says.

The 163-mile Richmond-Raleigh project is a key component of the proposed Southeast Corridor, which has been proposed to provide a rail link between several southern states and the Amtrak Northeast Corridor that connects Washington, D.C. with New York.

Earlier this year, the FRA selected North Carolina to be part of a multistate planning study group to look at the entire Southeast Corridor proposal.

Staff Writer Jeff Jeffrey has the full story in the Triangle Business Journal by clicking here.

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