Public/Private Partnership for SunRail in Central Florida

October 16, 2015

Tupperware to pay for SunRail station upgrades

– A planned SunRail station in Osceola County is getting a big boost with several upgrades and it’s all expected to be financed with money contributed from Kissimmee-based Tupperware Brands Corporation.Website Insert State Supported Passenger Trains copy

The SunRail station will be called the Tupperware Station and will be located right off of Orange Blossom Trail, within a mile of Tupperware’s headquarters and behind an old shopping center.  Tupperware is adding an extra $120,000 for upgrades to the station designed by the Florida Department of Transportation, in exchange for naming rights.

 “I’m delighted,” said Congressman Alan Grayson, D-Orlando. “Tupperware has shown that it is a good corporate citizen, and beyond that Tupperware is trying to create a better experience for the people that are going to be using that station.”

Read the full story from reporter Mike Synan at FOX 35 News by clicking here.

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