Rail stop under consideration near Banning and Cabazon

February 27, 2015

The Banning Record Gazette quotes Ella Zanowic, mayor pro tem of Calimesa, California, a city of nearly 8,000 in Riverside County and representative to the Riverside County Transportation Commission, who spoke at an RCTC-sponsored Coachella Valley–San Gorgonio Pass Corridor Rail Service Project study session Monday evening at Banning City Hall:

Ella Zanowic was used to the convenience of hopping on a train in New Jersey to go visit friends and conduct business in New York.

Now that she lives in Southern California where passenger rail service is chronically limited, she misses the mass transit northeasterners enjoy.

“I really loved it. When we moved out here, it’s very remote here,” Zanowic said. “I had four kids and no car. It was really hard. If you don’t have a car, you’re stuck; and if you do have a car, you’re limited by congestion.”

…By 2035, according to the team’s studies, vehicular traffic between the Los Angeles Basin and the Coachella Valley, particularly through the San Gorgonio Pass, is expected to increase by 47 percent… During the week, that’s 130,000 trips going back and forth between the San Gorgonio Pass…

The consultants have, so far, assessed the needs for the region to be: more environmentally friendly travel options for people who do not — or prefer not — to drive; additional system capacity to serve future growth; and additional means to handle system capacity if… I-10 shuts down or has significant delays…

Record Gazette’s Map:

Map of potential Banning, Coachella rail service Map: Potential Banning, Coachella service [Record Gazette]Read the rest of the story at the Banning Record Gazette, 27 February 2015.

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