RDC chairman loves all things trains

December 11, 2015

Riding the rails: RDC chairman celebrates his love of all things trains

By Adam Reinherz in The Jewish Chronicle

Henry Posner III has encountered the foreign and amassed a collection. Most prized are his trains. Posner, 60, is chairman of Railroad Development Corporation (RDC) and a third-generation member of Rodef Shalom Congregation. Website Insert Start Here copy

Since founding RDC in 1987, Posner has utilized the Pittsburgh-based railway investment and management company to focus on domestic and foreign markets. By revitalizing downtrodden and defunct railroads, RDC has attempted to protect public interests and respect local cultures. RDC currently operates in the United States, Peru, Colombia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Belgium. The company formerly had a presence in Estonia, Mozambique and Guatemala.

Posner and RDC are the subject of a new book by historian H. Roger Grant, the Kathryn and Calhoun Lemon professor of history at Clemson University. The book, published by Indiana University Press, is titled “Railroaders Without Borders: A History of the Railroad Development Corporation” and describes the struggles and successes of RDC.

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