Return of the Sunset Limited passenger train on the horizon for downtown Orlando

March 3, 2016

Published by Downtown South

The Sunset Limited line once ran as America’s one and only transcontinental railway, stretching from Los Angeles to Miami. Due to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina disaster, the line was severely damaged. Although it was repaired to again accommodate freight traffic, passenger service was never reinstated.Website Insert State Supported Passenger Trains copy

But that may all be about to change.

On February 18th and 19th, Amtrak conducted an inspection tour of the CSX-owned railways and associated infrastructure. The goal of the tour was twofold: to inspect infrastructure conditions, and to gain a more clear understanding of the rail’s possible effects on economic growth and cultural development along the Gulf Coast.

The Pulse reports that the 550 mile, one-way inspection tour transported over 250 distinguished passengers and media from New Orleans, LA to Jacksonville, FL. The train included an inspection car featuring a rear-facing floor to roof glass window, offering views of the passing countryside, conditions of train tracks, and conditions of correlated infrastructure.

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