Revamped Metra Electric could put Chicago’s South Side on the fast track

June 21, 2016

By La Risa Lynch, The Chicago Reporter

A newly formed coalition wants the Metra Electric rail line to be reinvented to better serve the low-income communities it runs through, connecting riders to jobs and spurring economic development.Website Insert Faster is Better copy

Roseland is one of those communities, and it is ripe for transit-oriented development, says Andrea Reed, executive director of the Greater Roseland Chamber of Commerce.  The area is dotted with vacant lots, many of them situated near the Metra Electric (ME) line.

“We have a lot of vacancies. But to me, that also means a lot of opportunities,” said Reed, whose organization is part of the new Coalition for a Modern Metra Electric (CMME).

For Reed, those opportunities are boutiques and coffee shops that will employ residents and cater to tourists visiting the Pullman National Monument Park. President Barack Obama designated portions of the Pullman community—created by its namesake founder, railroad baron George M. Pullman—as a national park in 2015.

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