Rising Stars

September 15, 2015

Dynamic. Creative. Innovative. Tireless. These are just a few of the words nominators used to describe this year’s crop of Rising Stars. While their accomplishments touch nearly all aspects of the industry, the following 20 men and women represent only a sampling of the influx of fresh talent in rail. Progressive Railroading‘s editors selected these folks from a reader-submitted list of almost 200 well-qualified railroaders under the age of 40.

As in the past, these Rising Stars come from diverse backgrounds. Some happened upon their careers in rail “by accident,” as several individuals put it, while others followed family members into the industry. And their roles in railroading are as varied as their backgrounds: They hold jobs at Class I railroads, short lines, transit agencies and rail suppliers, as well as in academia and government. Some handle complex challenges like positive train control implementation and other regulatory issues, while others use their business savvy to navigate mergers and acquisitions. Still others are leading corporate growth strategies, new ventures and major rail construction projects.Website Insert New Passenger Train Service copy

Whatever their origins, specific areas of interest or courses of study, they all share one thing in common: a clear-eyed determination to guide the railroad industry into a new era.

To read the full article from Associate Editor Daniel Niepow and see the full list from Progressive Railroading, click here.


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