San Clemente, California might close pier train stop

August 7, 2015

San Clemente’s elected leaders have agreed to look into eliminating the community’s train stop at the pier, leaving the city with a single train station at North Beach.

Mayor Chris Hamm proposed the change, saying it could ease transit in San Clemente and enhance transit at North Beach adjacent to where a new commercial hub is nearing completion – an outlet mall poised to open in mid-October.

“We are the only city in Orange County that has two separate train stops,” Hamm told his colleagues at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

He said consolidation would eliminate confusion that some travelers experience when they try to use a ticket machine at the pier. Some passing trains stop there and many others don’t, Hamm said, and he has experienced conflicting digital information dispensed at that location.

Council members had differing views on a single train station at North Beach.

“I think that’s a good idea,” Councilwoman Kathy Ward said. “I’ve been thinking about that for awhile.”

“Well, you understand the push-back that’s going to happen,” Councilman Bob Baker said. “That train drops off an awful lot of folks at the pier every weekend.”

Ward said it would give more people an opportunity to visit North Beach.

“I’m just curious what the Pier Bowl merchants will think about that,” Councilwoman Lori Donchak said.


Staff Writer Fred Swegles of The Orange County Register has the full story.

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