San Clemente, California scraps talk of closing train station at Municipal Pier

September 18, 2015

The city’s elected leaders now say San Clemente has no intention of closing its popular train station at the Municipal Pier.

In fact, they say they want to add stops at the pier to make it easier for locals to catch the train there.

The City Council – in an about-face from an Aug. 4 discussion about possibly moving all train service to the city’s North Beach station – served notice Tuesday night that it wants to improve the rail station at the pier and make it more user-friendly.Website Insert Coach Business Class Food Service copy

The emphasis, until now, has been on the pier serving as a destination for visitors, Mayor Chris Hamm said. While the stop can continue to be a destination, Hamm said he wants to make it an asset for the residents of San Clemente, increasing options for locals who want to travel out of town by train. This also means fixing technical glitches that can confuse people trying to buy a ticket at the pier.

Staff Writer Fred Swegles has the full story in The Orange County Register by clicking here.


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