Say goodbye to the old Toronto Union Station GO concourse

August 18, 2015

For more than 30 years, the brown and white-tiled GO Train concourse in the basement of Union Station was the point of arrival and departure for millions of commuters, tourists, and other rail passengers.

Yesterday, the cinnamon-scented bunker closed for renovations that will strip away the dated decor and boost the overall floor space by a third. As part of the broader $796-million renovation of Union Station, a new floor flush with the TTC subway station mezzanine will be added beneath the existing GO concourse.

Fans of Tim Hortons, Dairy Queen, Mr. Sub, Mmmuffins, and the olfactory delights that emanated from the Cinnabon will be sad to find out that some of those retailers will not be returning. GO says it’s still in the process of signing leases with new tenants, though the future sounds bright.

The finished product will likely look something like the sleek new York St. concourse, which opened last month and will handle all GO Train traffic until 2017.

Here’s a last look around the GO concourse on its final day of operation.


See Chris Bateman’s full post including lots of photos at by clicking here.

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