November 6, 2015

International Rail News Roundup (6th November 2015)

In this week’s International Rail News Roundup explores continuing rail safety problems in the USA, takes a look at China and Britain’s potential partnership on HS2, see how Crosslinx have signed onto Crosstown LRT, hear about Hitachi’s acquisition of Ansaldo, and take a sneak peak at Eurostar’s new trains and see Alstom refocus entirely on rail. This week’s video of the week also takes a look at Alstom’s return to its roots in rail…Website Insert Our Name Tells Our Story copy

Metro Projects: Crosslinx signs C$9.1bn contract to build Toronto’s Crosstown LRT (Railway Technology)

This week Crosslinx Transit Solutions signed a $9.1 billion contract with Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and Metrolinx. The contract is for the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (Crosstown LRT) project in Canada. Crosslinx will be involved in the design, building, financing and maintenance of the project. The 19km of LRT is expected to be completed in 2021 and is hoped to generate 2,500 new jobs during its construction.

High-Speed Rail: China Eyes British High-Speed Rail Contract as Latest in Global Push (NBC News)

This week China’s President, Xi Jinping, visited London as part of a four day state visit, all while bidding for Britain’s High-Speed 2 (HS2) project gets underway. Bidding for HS2, connecting London with the North, opened at $18 billion in China in October. George Osborn has highlighted the project as something of a “golden era of cooperation” between China and Britain. The cost of rail projects in China amount to one-third of those in other countries, they have built masses of track at  low costs and it is hoped they can do the same for HS2.

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