Speeding Locomotive Is Focus in Philadelphia Amtrak Crash Probe

February 1, 2016

By Jeff Plungis and Alan Levin, Bloomberg Business

The National Transportation Safety Board is focused on why an Amtrak train that derailed in Philadelphia last year sped to 106 miles per hour entering a sharp curve, according to about 2,000 pages of documents released Monday.Website Insert State Supported Passenger Trains copy

While not pinpointing a cause, the documents rule out a number of potential contributing factors. Investigators have found no evidence of failures involved with the track, the locomotive and the signals that direct the engineer that could have caused the accident, a safety board official briefing reporters said on Monday. The train’s engineer has told investigators he can’t recall the moments immediately before the crash.

Last year’s train wreck, the deadliest Amtrak accident since 1999, cast a spotlight on the railroad’s safety. Eight of the train’s 238 passengers died, and more than 200 others were injured. Federal regulators ordered the U.S. passenger rail service to immediately improve safety on its Northeast Corridor route between Washington and Boston.

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