State plan aims to broaden Vermont rail service

July 16, 2015

The Agency of Transportation has issued its first statewide rail plan in nearly a decade. The proposal envisions new passenger routes to Burlington, Montreal, Manchester and Bennington, but there’s no clear plan to pay for the massive track upgrades needed to make it all a reality.

The plan to extend Amtrak’s passenger service from Rutland to Burlington has been in the works for years, and state officials have reaffirmed their commitment to the project in the 145-page rail plan released by the Agency of Transportation last month.

“But as you look further out, there’s some things that we haven’t heard before that are in this plan that are exciting,” says Christopher Parker, head of the Vermont Rail Action Network, an organization trying to build political and financial support for major rail improvements.


You can read the full story from The Barre Montpelier Times Argus by clicking here.

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