First in the Nation – The Hoosier State is Reinvented

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In June of 2014 Corridor Capital was selected by the Indiana Department of Transportation as the manager and operator of the Hoosier State passenger train route between Indianapolis and Chicago.

This Public-Private Partnership is the first in the nation for the management and operation of an intercity passenger train.

Corridor Capital is dedicated to bringing an entrepreneurial style to the Hoosier State, providing cost containment leadership, upgraded passenger train equipment, improved passenger schedules, more train frequencies and seats, route extensions, and a superior passenger experience. The future model for the American passenger train is here.

HoosierStateReinventedComfortable, convenient, and modern passenger trains are arriving in Indiana in 2014. The Hoosier State is reinvented.


  • Stations
  • Reservations
  • New travel deals
  • New business class service
  • New Campus Car travel

Read more: The Hooiser State is Reinvented (PDF, 4 pages)

Fact Sheet regarding Corridor Capital LLC’s selection as Preferred Vendor for Indiana’s Hoosier State route starting February 1, 2015

  • Under the 2008 Passenger Rail Investment & Improvement Act (PRIIA), states that support Amtrak passenger-train service are allowed to seek bids from private contractors offering to reduce the states’ losses and increase their revenue. Indiana chose Corridor Capital as its private-sector contractor for the Indianapolis-Chicago Hoosier State service in June 2014. Amtrak agreed to continue operating the train for Indiana until February 1, 2015, in order to provide the State with the time needed to complete preparations for the transition.
  • Indiana’s selection of Corridor Capital to manage and develop the Hoosier State was carried out by a four-person committee that followed a rigorous, dynamic process to evaluate bids submitted by four private-sector companies. The results of this bidding process can be viewed on INDOT’s Web site and here.
  • PRIIA gave the states authority to seek lower-cost solutions from the private sector…

Read more: Hoosier State Route Corridor Capital Fact Sheet October 2014 (PDF, 1 page)

City and County Partners of the Hoosier State…

…will reap rewards for greater visibility through
aggressive marketing and an influx of visitors.

…Good passenger train service, as will
be provided by the reinvented service
of The Hoosier State, serves
many purposes. It puts small towns
on the map, providing easy and
convenient access to those destinations
by a regularly scheduled train. It
helps college and university students
move about easily, as more and more
of their generation turn away from
private vehicles…

Good train service – with the reinvention of The Hoosier State – is good business.

Find out how The Hoosier State can benefit your city and county; find out how a modest investment in the beginning can turn into a big payoff in the not too distant future.

Read more: City and County Partners of the Hoosier State (PDF, 1 page)

Indiana Passenger Rail Development Timetable

icr-logoStarting with Phase 1 (October 1, 2014 – Feb. 1, 2015) and proceeding through Phase 5 (Within 36 months of service startup), covers the following details of Indiana Corridor Railroad service at each step:

  • Schedules for Indiana Corridor and Connecting Trains
  • Train equipment (coaches, locomotives, food service, business service)
  • Additional Features for Connecting Trains
  • Schedules for Through Trains
  • Additional Features for Through Trains

Read more: Indiana Development Timetable (PDF, 1 pages)