Michigan Accelerated Rail

intro_artworkCorridor Capital has assembled a plan for a new railroad − and, a new way of operating a passenger railroad − for the State of Michigan. This comprehensive plan includes everything from expanded frequencies to meet current and future passenger demand to operating a more efficient, comfortable, and convenient passenger service using Corridor Capital’s Hi-Level state-of-the-art passenger car fleet.

Every area is featured, from onboard amenities to passenger services to operations and maintenance to reservations. The plan significantly shifts monies currently sent out of state to remaining in Michigan, working on behalf of Michigan residents and taxpayers.

Explore the information below to learn more about an entire new way of running a passenger railroad in America.

Executive_SummaryMichigan Accelerated Rail
A proposal for transformation

Presentation: Across the board, Michigan Accelerated Rail is a winner for everyone involved, especially taxpayers

  • Michigan is positioned to lead the nation for accelerated rail
  • Project Goal
  • Project Means
  • Outcome
  • What Corridor Capital provides
  • Background and benefits for Michigan
  • Michigan needs cars plus locomotives
  • Mobility and accessibility impact
  • Financial, promotional, political impacts

Executive Summary (PDF, 12 pages)

CorporateBrandingMichigan Corporate Branding

If you can paint it, wrap it, print it, label it, or film it, it can be corporate branded for revenue.

The use of corporate branding and local government sponsorships allows additional profitable revenues to flow into MICHIGAN Amtrak Accelerated Rail, thus reducing the need for public subsidy funds. Branding and sponsorship opportunities are many, and will be found throughout the MICHIGAN Amtrak system, from stations to rolling stock to food service cars to onboard publications and videos…

Michigan Corporate Branding (PDF, 9 pages)

Michigan Central MagazineMichigan Central Magazine

Corridor Capital plans include the creation of an onboard magazine. Here is a Preview Copy (PDF, 8 pages)