Szabo remarks at opening of Dingell Center

December 24, 2014

Federal Railroad Administrator Joseph C. Szabo’s remarks at the opening of the John D. Dingell Transit Center in Dearborn, Michigan:

…It is a fitting name. As the longest serving member in Congress, Congressman John Dingell stood for many things this project represents – partnerships, civil rights, and environmental stewardship.

This intermodal transit center – funded by an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant of $28.2 million – is a great example of how a collaborative approach to station development can meet the needs of everyone: the disabled community, freight, and passenger rail carriers.

…The role of stations – these modern, comfortable spaces where people can connect to intercity train service and transit and bike and pedestrian paths – is only going to grow in the years to come…

Read the rest of Szabo’s remarks at the DOT site (PDF)

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