FRA Administrator Szabo addresses SCORT

September 23, 2014

Corridor Capital’s CEO Scott Braverman and Jim Stoetzel, newly appointed General Manager of the Hoosier State service, to be managed and operated by Corridor Capital, both attended the recent Standing Committee on Rail Transportation (SCORT) meeting in Denver and had the opportunity to meet with FRA Administrator Joe Szabo and other FRA staff. Mr. Szabo’s remarks to the SCORT gathering are here (PDF, 7 pages). Selected excerpts:

…All of you have been part of FRA’s evolution – in a very short period of time – from being an agency almost entirely focused on rail safety, to today where we also oversee $20 billion worth of project grants and loans. So, I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish together over these past five years.

And in 2014, we have turned a corner. In our passenger rail program, close to 80 percent of obligated construction projects are completed or underway. More than 50 projects are complete – while 42 more are either under construction or will be very soon.

And consider the results we’re getting:

  • New and upgraded st ations. New fleets of rail equipment. Restored service
  • Improved speed, frequency, and reliability of service;
  • Higher levels of safety through grade-separation efforts, upgraded signals, and improved track
  • And completed planning efforts that strengthen the project pipeline and set the foundation for the future…

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