Taking a train ride to the Ontario wilderness

June 29, 2015

While in Toronto for a conference earlier this year, Henderson heard about the ACR and wanted to experience it for himself.

“The website didn’t fill me with confidence that it was still running and no one in Toronto knew about it,” he said.

Henderson planned his own excursion to Sault Ste. Marie and was to take the ACR as far as Dubreuilville, stay the night and take a VIA train back to Sudbury the next day.

The first thing that struck Henderson when he arrived at the CN rail yard to board the train was that there was no station and much of the front office staff he spoke to had never been on the train.

“They were there at the start to shake hands but then got off. How do you sell the experience if you’ve never been on it?” he asked.

Henderson embarked on a train trip unlike any he had been on before, through the Northern Ontario wilderness with passengers getting off the train at various mile markers and then disappearing into the woods.


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