Testing starts on new Southern California Metrolink line

November 3, 2015

The Metrolink trains are on the track. And it won’t be long now before fare-paying passengers are climbing aboard.Website Insert Fleet for Sale or Lease copy

This past weekend, though, there was important work to be done as groups of signalmen, flaggers, engineers and construction representatives spread out along the northern half of the Perris Valley Line to test equipment at 10 grade crossings on the soon-to-be opened 24-mile Metrolink extension.

Shortly after 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 31, a Metrolink train with six cars – and zero passengers – came zipping past the platform at the Hunter Park Station. Estimated speed 30 miles per hour. Bells sounded, lights blinked and two long metal arms fell into place, blocking traffic heading each way on Marlborough Avenue.

“Everybody’s got to make sure they’re doing things right,” said Mark Milton, deputy project manager for the Riverside County Transportation Commission, or RCTC.

Testing will continue over the coming weekends.

Officials say the $248-million Perris Valley Line will begin operation in late December. The extension of Metrolink’s 91 Line will include four new stations in Hunter Park (Riverside), Moreno Valley/March Field, Downtown Perris and South Perris.

A ceremonial ribbon-cutting is scheduled for Dec. 11.

RCTC Deputy Executive Director John Standiford said service is expected to start on Dec. 28.

“That’s going to be a pretty slow period between Christmas and New Year’s,” said Standiford. “And part of that is to (facilitate) kind of a soft opening.

Tom Sheridan, staff writer for The Press Enterprise has the full story by clicking here.


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