The Detroit News Editorial: MDOT bungles rail car lease

May 4, 2015

State transportation department is spending $3,000 a day to lease cars it won’t be able to use for years

The Michigan Department of Transportation is in a financial bind thanks to the 23 rail cars it is leasing from the Great Lakes Central Railroad. And the department can’t even use these rail cars for at least four more years. That’s a huge waste of money.

The care are meant for two commuter projects in Southeast Michigan – a line from Howell to Ann Arbor and another from Ann Arbor to Detroit. They are to be put into service after tracks along the two lines are upgraded.

However, the projects have been delayed. The new target date is 2019 but there is no guarantee the lines will even be ready by then.

Read the complete editorial at The Detroit News by clicking here.


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