The Hi-Level Fleet: Modern transportation at 110 mph grounded in proven reliability

July 16, 2013


They are an American invention, American made, and have reliability run on American’s best railroads for decades. The passenger car Hi- Level Fleet, first developed in the 1950s for the former Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, predecessor to today’s BNSF Railway, revolutionized passenger rail travel for their smooth, comfortable ride, efficient design, and high carrying capacity – all designed to run from Chicago to Los Angeles at over 100 mph.

The Hi-Level fleet were the first true bi-level passenger cars in the world, with two full floors in each car.

Today, this stalwart fleet is available for acquisition and refurbishment, with plans calling for the latest innovations in comfort and design, the highest technology innovations, and decades more of dependable and reliable service.


  • Details: All new bi-level railcars built with ageless stainless steel shells and 110-mph trucks
  • Moving now to deploy more seats and more trains to meet demand; expanding ridership and revenue so trains can pay for themselves
  • Designed for comfort and convenience of passengers; efficiency for personnel
  • Inside the Hi-Level fleet: Modern designs for passenger comfort and convenience
  • 21st Century passenger travel: High-tech, high comfort in the Hi-Level fleet
  • Safety, comfort, convenience: All of the hallmarks of passenger train travel
  • Corridor Capital: America’s passenger rail fleet assembler and innovator

PDF file (16 pages)

Fact Sheet

The Hi-Level fleet is the only available uniform fleet of intercity 110-mph cars in the U.S. today.
Hi-Level Fleet Fact Sheet
Hi-Level Fleet Fact Sheet
(16 pages, PDF)

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