Midwest chosen for rail planning project

August 12, 2015

An announcement from the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission:

Dear Partners and Supporters of the Midwest’s Statement of Interest for a Federally-Led Rail Planning Project,

It’s been a long wait, but worth it! The Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission has received preliminary notification that the Midwest’s Statement of Interest submitted last November to the Federal Railroad Administration for a FRA-Led Multi-State Planning Project has been chosen as one of two regional projects (the other region being the Southeast)!

It may take a while for a formal announcement, but we wanted to at least let our supporters know the good news.

We have few details at present, but know the statement of work for the Midwest will include the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, as well as Ohio and Kentucky.

Here is the text of the FRA announcement to Congress:

“The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is utilizing authority provided under Section 192 of the FY 2015 Omnibus Appropriations Act (P.L. 113-76) to retain $2,780,651 in funding made available to the agency to facilitate multi-state rail planning. Due to the complexities in coordinating among multiple states and other stakeholders, FRA is retaining these funds and leading the planning effort at the Federal level, rather than awarding funds to entities through a grant or cooperative agreement. In October 2015, FRA solicited statements of interest from states for participating in this FRA-led multi-state planning process. FRA is using these funds to engage stakeholders in both the Southeast and Midwest regions in forming more comprehensive regional governance organizations to sustain current planning work and develop a long-term passenger rail vision for their respective regions. Funding will also be utilized to enhance FRA’s passenger rail network planning tool with updated cost and trip table data, as well as new mapping and benefit-cost analysis features. These efforts will build off the pilot Southwest Passenger Rail Study that was funded under similar authority in FY 2010 and released in October 2014.”

Thank you again VERY MUCH for your letter of support for the Midwest’s application. We will be in touch again as soon as we have more details.

Laura Kliewer



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