The New York Times: Congress Should Extend Rail Safety Deadline With Safeguards

October 19, 2015

Most of America’s railroads are threatening to stop running freight and passenger trains as early as next month unless Congress gives them more time to install technology that can prevent deadly collisions and derailments. Such a shutdown would be devastating to the economy, which is why lawmakers should extend a year-end deadline for the new safety systems, but put in place safeguards to prevent any further delays.Website Insert Turnkey Packages copy

The National Transportation Safety Board has said such train-control systems could have prevented or reduced the severity of 140 accidents that have killed nearly 300 people and injured 6,500 people since 1970, when the board first recommended their use. The technology will also benefit railroads, which will be able to decrease the distance between trains and haul more goods and passengers.

Read the full opinion from The Editorial Board of The New York Times by clicking here.

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