The vision and grace of Gil Carmichael

March 11, 2016

By Pat Foran, Editor, Progressive Railroading Magazine

We recently lost a transportation visionary, a graciously persuasive intermodalist and a dear friend. Gil Carmichael, a former Federal Railroad Administrator and longtime Progressive Railroading columnist, died Jan. 31. He was 88.Website Insert Call Me State DOTs copy

Gil spent much of his early career in Meridian, Miss., where he ran two automobile dealerships and a real estate development company. After an unsuccessful U.S. Senate seat bid in 1972, Carmichael was asked by President Richard Nixon to chair the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s advisory committee. But the energy crisis that crippled the United States in 1973 prompted Gil to follow a new path. “I went in a highway lobbyist and came out an intermodalist,” he told me in 2002.

Click here to read Mr.Foran’s full tribute to Gil Carmichael.


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